Fact or Fiction? How to Know Which Tawkify Reviews Matter

If you’re reading this article, then more than likely you’ve been searching for valuable Tawkify reviews for quite some time now. Additionally, you may be contemplating joining Tawkify. Whether you’re interested in becoming a client or a matchable member, you want to ensure you are making the right decision. Who wouldn’t? Joining Tawkify as a client is not a cheap investment. So, performing due diligence in advance is the smart thing to do.

However, as with all things in life, customer reviews and opinions can be quite skewed. This holds true for the service industry as well as the retail industry. For any given Amazon product, you’ll see both good and bad reviews. Some are valid, others not so much. Oftentimes, you may be perfectly fine with the product you’ve received, while another person may think it’s the worst purchase ever.

So, take reviews with a grain of salt. Try to keep in mind that different products and services hold a different level of relevance to each customer.

How to Know Which Tawkify Reviews Matter Most

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In order to be able to tell which Tawkify reviews hold the most value, you must first realize that written reviews are typically influenced by several factors. Yes, many of them may be written as a result of their experiences with Tawkify. However, everyone has a different level of association and intention.

Most well-known matchmaking agencies have two types of individuals affiliated with the process. Clients and members. Clients are the individuals that have guaranteed regular matches (typically monthly). Members are the candidates present in the company’s database that are available for matches with clients. However, members are not guaranteed regular matches. They essentially are there for when they fit the description for what a client is looking for (and vice versa).

Therefore, members’ matches can occur at any frequency. It can be every month, several times per month, every two months, a few times a year, or not at all. But both members and clients are informed of all this information during their initial sales call. However, of course, many individuals forget what they’ve been told and get a little disgruntled. This dissatisfaction can affect reviews in a negative manner.

Top 6 Reasons for Negative Tawkify Reviews

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1.) Lack of understanding of the matchmaking process

The number one reason individuals write negative Tawkify reviews is from lack of clarity regarding the typical matchmaking process. As previously stated, most matchmaking agencies have clients and members. Clients have guaranteed regular matches while members do not.

Despite receiving this information by the intake team, some Tawkify members occasionally write negative reviews simply because they weren’t immediately matched. So please keep this in mind.

2.) Non-legitimate reviewing source

Another fact to keep in mind is that sometimes reviews are not always written by honest individuals. Sadly, some individuals may falsely claim they have had an experience with Tawkify. These types of reviews are typically easy to spot because they spew out false facts about the Tawkify process, but insist they are telling the truth. 

3.) Revenge clients seeking to defame Tawkify

Tawkify states they have an 80% success rate (which is awesome). However, just as with any matchmaking agency that number will never be at 100%. Therefore, not every single client will be successful unfortunately. So of course, occasionally clients who may be upset they didn’t meet their soulmate will leave a less than favorable review.

4.) Lack of patience with the matchmaking process

Matchmaking is a process that cannot be rushed. A good matchmaker will ensure they are providing good quality matches instead of just attempting to run through the client’s dates. However, some individuals are understandably eager to meet potential matches and disregard the fact that the matchmaking process takes time. Of course, it shouldn’t take too long, but if the process is taking longer than normal there may be another issue occurring. At this point it may be wise to communicate with the matchmaker or customer service.

5.) Unreasonable expectations for matches

Everyone has a specific type they prefer. However sometimes individuals set expectations that are far beyond reasonable. For instance, if a client’s goal is to be paired with Miss America contestants, reality stars, or Kim Kardashian look-a-likes they may be treating the process as an “I can get whatever I want” type of deal. And that’s not what matchmaking is.

Preferences for ideal matches should be reasonable and similar to what one may be capable of attracting outside of the matchmaking world. However, sometimes clients expect to be given a magical match, and when they don’t receive it, a negative review is the result.

6.) Competition attempting to sabotage Tawkify reviews

Sadly, sometimes negative Tawkify reviews are the result of competition attempting to give the agency a bad reputation. This type of thing exists everywhere; however, it’s still worth mentioning. Beware.

Tawkify Success Stories – Where Are They?

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Tawkify success stories aren’t the easiest to find, but they are certainly out there. The company claims to have an overall 80% success rate, but how does one know for sure?

There are several places to find Tawkify success stories. The company itself has an Instagram account that regularly highlights success stories along with client/member testimonies. Their YouTube page also shows stories of several couples who’ve successfully found love.

Trustpilot is also an extremely useful source. You’ll be able to see both the good and bad here, but it’s mainly good. Quite often, you will also find success stories on Trustpilot along with their opinion of the overall Tawkify process.

Quora is also another place to find trustworthy opinions about the Tawkify process. Success stories aren’t as frequently highlighted there, but you may still find them occasionally. Just be mindful of everything we’ve already mentioned in this article when visiting Quora. It can sometimes be a place for venting out frustrations in general.

Closing Remarks Regarding Tawkify Reviews

As previously mentioned, it is incredibly wise to perform research whenever you plan to spend a significant amount of money. Whether it’s for Tawkify or another matchmaking agency, make sure you feel comfortable with your decision to join before making the commitment.

Tawkify reviews are a wonderful way to help you finalize your decision but be aware of the possible reasons why certain reviews are written. Some may be totally legit, while others may be completely biased for the reasons mentioned above.

In addition, it is advisable to reach out to Tawkify for any lingering questions you may have. They will be able to explain the process, address any concerns, and assist you with finalizing your decision to join (or not join). Ask questions about the entire process so you will be well informed, instead of allowing public opinion to sway your decision. Good luck on your quest for love wherever it may be!

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