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150+ Tampa Bay Date Night Ideas For Fun Couples

The Ultimate List of Tampa Bay Date Night Ideas

Finding the perfect Tampa Bay date night spot can be quite a chore. Especially if you’re searching for something outside of the norm. However, your search ends here. has gathered an extensive list of all the hottest and highly rated date night spots in the Tampa Bay area. Diversify the dating game and switch up the typical date night for something new.

Schedule an Activity Date

Man in black and white striped long sleeve shirt holding knife

A little bit of fun never hurt anybody. Take a break from the regular date night routine, and schedule a special activity with your beau. The options are endless, and you won’t have to break the bank to have a good time.

Unleash the inner artist at a local art studio and seize the opportunity to create a beautiful piece of art. Color Me Mine Art Studio offers a handful of workshops and classes every day of the week for your convenience. You and your date will receive the chance to paint and glaze a ceramic item of choice.

If creating art isn’t your jam, there are plenty of other options for activity dates. Get Up and Go Kayaking offers small group clear boat kayaking tours in the Shell Key Preserve and Tarpon Springs. You could also venture off to a local axe throwing session at Axe Throwing Tampa or go golfing at Topgolf. The possibilities are endless.

Here’s a selection of recommended activity date night spots in the Tampa/St. Petersburg areas:

Plan an Adrenaline Junkie Date

A racer riding in a colorful go-kart

If you’re into thrills and excitement, an adrenaline junkie-based date may be the best option for you. Soar to new heights with your love and schedule a skydiving date with Jump Florida Skydiving. With two convenient locations in Plant city and Lake Wales, Jump Florida Skydiving is one of Florida’s top skydiving destinations. They pride themselves on being safe and highly experienced with no harm or injuries ever reported.

Understandably, jumping out of planes isn’t for everyone. So, perhaps a land-based activity may be a better option. Hop into a go-kart at Tampa Bay Grand Prix and race your partner to the finish line. If you’re a couple that loves to compete, the go-kart experience may be the best option for you.

Check out this list of other fun adrenaline junkie date spots:

Hit Up the Tampa Bay Bar Scene

A Caucasian couple sitting at a bar on a Tampa Bay date night

Sometimes a simple date is the best choice for the evening. During the work week, a quick bar date may suffice. The atmosphere is laid back, relaxed, and couples can come as they are. There are no expectations, and no commitment to a full course meal. A drink and a smile suit the night just fine.

Shoot your shot at Tap’s Restaurant Bar & Lounge in Tampa or head over to Bacchus Wine Bistro in St. Petersburg for some of the best wine options in the region. Their wine library includes selections from Italy, France, Spain, the U.S. and other many other regions.

Here’s a list of our favorites tap houses for your next Tampa Bay date night:

Plan a Day at the Beach

An attractive couple holding hands walking barefoot on a beach

Kick off your shoes and relax your feet in the sands of Tampa Bay. A stroll along the beach may be exactly what you and your mate need to shed the stress of the week. The Tampa Bay area is home for some of the most beautiful, pristine beaches in the nation. The options for beach dates are plentiful. Enjoy a simple sunset with your beau at your side or sign up for a thrilling water activity. Whichever way you choose to spend your day at the beach, it’s destined to be a fond memory.

Here’s a list of our favorite beaches:

Sip & Chat on a Coffee Date

A middle eastern couple sitting at a table holding hands on a Tampa Bay date night

This one is a no brainer. Coffee dates are perhaps one of the best date options ever (if you’re a coffee lover that is). A delicious cup of coffee and conversation warms the heart and soul. Coffee dates also serve as the perfect blind date spot. The bar is set super low, and neither party feels pressured to commit to any specific period of time. If the date goes well, it can last for hours. However, if the date isn’t ideal, both individuals can bounce after the last sip of coffee. The first cup.

Take a peek at our recommended coffee date night spots in Tampa & St. Petersburg:

Enjoy a Local Tampa Bay Dessert Shop

A fancy dessert shop with various treats on a Tampa Bay date night

Indulge in a taste of sweets with your sweetie at a dessert shop. Head over to a local bakery after date night at your favorite restaurant or skip plated meals altogether, and head straight for the sugar. Experience a little piece of heaven early at Sea Maids Creamery in Tampa. They offer delectable homemade ice cream with a large selection of flavors as well as other baked goods.

Gelato lovers can satisfy their cravings at Paciugo Gelato & Caffe in St. Petersburg. They offer a huge selection of gelatos, cakes, pies, and other specialty items. In addition, if you’re a coffee fan, you’re in luck. Paciugo’s brews outstanding coffee as well.

Head on over to these tasty dessert shops on your next date night in Tampa or St. Petersburg:

Plan a Budget-Friendly Fast-Food Date

A plate with an oversized burger and steak fries with condiments

Nothing says “I love you” more than a big juicy burger and a side of French fries. If your date hates French fries, then you may want to reconsider a few things. Joking slightly. Fast-food dates are quick and easy, cheap, and serve the purpose well (sometimes too well). The best part about scheduling a fast-food date is that it’s usually the precursor for another fun activity such as a movie or a night at the bowling alley. Never underestimate the power of ketchup and grease.

Without further ado, here are our favorite fast-food Tampa Bay date night spots:

Break a Sweat on a Gym Date

A fit couple working out in a gym on a Tampa Bay date night

Put the strength of your relationship to the test with a date night at the gym. Nothing tests a relationship more than the lifting of weights or a spin on a bike. Whether your partner is your encourager or nightmare drill sergeant, the integrity of a relationship is tested when you are void of energy and ready to throw in the towel from muscle exhaustion. Then again, the endorphin high you may experience after the workout may create an optimal atmosphere for love, if you know what I mean (in a weird and tortuous way).

Check out these local fitness gyms for a good fitness date with your partner:

Schedule a Horse & Carriage Ride

A horse and carriage on a paved street on a Tampa Bay date night

Amp up the romance in your relationship with a horse and carriage date. St. Petersburg Carriages is the go-to company for horse and carriage rides in the Tampa Bay area. Since 2011 this well-known service has graced the streets with their beautiful horses in the historical district of St. Pete and along the Tampa Bay waterfront as well.

Venture off to the Movies

A teenage Asian couple walking down the hall of a movie theater

For most people, movie dates started in the teenage years. Our parents dropped us off, and we met with our high school sweetheart to catch the latest flick. Newsflash! A date night at the movie theater will never go out of style. One can never be too old for the big screen. In addition, nowadays, we have the option to have a full meal while watching the film.

CMX Cinemas and Studio Movie Grill offer an impressive menu for moviegoers, which also includes an adult beverage menu. So essentially, visitors are able to kill two birds in one stone. Eat and watch. It’s as simple as that.

Here’s a list of well-known movie theater chains:

Plan a Night at the Museum

A dimly lit museum with people walking in the far distance

A date night at a museum is both educational and intimate. What better way to soak up quality moments with your date than to spend time learning the history of the world and exploring science? Okay, maybe museum dates appeal more to history buffs. But they are still a brilliant way to switch up the normal routine. However, if the Big Bang Theory or arthropods don’t excite you, many museums offer the option to have a cocktail on the premises without wandering its hallways.

The St. Petersburg Museum of History periodically hosts “Happy Hour with a Historian” throughout the year. This unique opportunity allows visitors to learn from a notable historiographer while sipping on cocktails and light bites to eat.

Below is our file of recommended museums:

Hang Out in the Park

A young couple sitting on a bench in a park full of trees

If you’re craving outdoor space or a chance to catch a low intensity work out, then a park date might be ideal. Pack a picnic basket of your favorite things or lace up your tennis shoes for a walk n’ talk session with your date. In recent years, park dates have become increasingly popular due to the increased need to socially distance. A simple walk in the park has become more of the standard.

Check out this list of local area parks for future reference:

Visit a Local Pizza Joint

Three thin crust pizzas sitting by a coal oven

Pizza dates are always a brilliant idea. While casual and typically inexpensive, pizza parlors are the perfect date night spot for lovers and foodies alike. The Tampa Bay area provides endless options for delicious pizza joints, and then some.

Experience a taste of New York style pizza at Grimaldi’s Coal Brick Over Pizzeria. With handmade mozzarella and the best fresh ingredients, your pizza date night is destined to be filled with undeniable yummy goodness and smiles.

Here are a few other great pizza date night joints in the Tampa Bay area:

Make a Restaurant Reservation

An interracial couple holding hands at a restaurant, gazing into each other's eyes

Restaurant dates are the most commonly scheduled dates by professional matchmakers. They are also the most requested by clients and their prospective matches. Likely, the primary reason couples enjoy a good restaurant date is because it provides both parties the opportunity to have a quiet, intimate conversation and learn more about each other. Not to mention, the wining and dining provided by the establishment.

Browse our list of popular Tampa Bay date night restaurants:

Enjoy a Night Under the Stars

A silhouette of a man and woman standing on a rooftop leaning back and holding hands

The Tampa Bay area certainly has its fair share of rooftop venues. Tampa, St. Petersburg, and Clearwater are home to some of the most beautiful rooftop restaurants and bars in the region.

The Canopy, located at the Birchwood, is a chic rooftop destination featuring glass railings, firepits, and cabanas. Witness breathtaking views of Tampa Bay while dining with your cutie in a little piece of paradise.

Located at the Fenway Hotel, The HiFi Rooftop Bar provides visitors with an unobstructed view of the Caladesi and the Honeymoon Islands. Savor every moment with your significant other at this luxurious venue with romantic sunsets and a craft cocktail.

Check out these suggestions of other magnificent rooftop locations:

Tour Tampa Bay

An Asian couple walking in the city contemplating their next move

As a popular tourist destination, the Tampa Bay area is home for numerous tourist agencies. However, tours are not solely for visitors. Locals can also enjoy an occasional city excursion. Not only are city tours available, but several water-based tour companies are also an option.

Salt and Sea Mist Tours host tours on mini yachts along the Gulf of Mexico and white sand barrier islands. Tourists and locals will receive the chance to visit bottle nose dolphins as well as tour oceanfront mansions in the region. A sunset tour is additionally offered as one of their tour packages.

Hop aboard the Calypso Cat with Island Boat Adventures. This company offers more than just a tour. Enjoy snorkeling, dolphin watching, and Egmont Key Island all in one trip!

Take a chance with these other popular tours in the region:

Well, that’s it! Hopefully you’ve discovered a few new Tampa Bay date night ideas for your next adventure with your significant other. The possibilities are endless!

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