10 Unmistakable Signs She is Developing Feelings for You

What are the signs she is developing feelings for you? The beginning stages of dating can be very confusing and had to interpret. Therefore, it can be very challenging to determine whether or not a person truly likes you. Oftentimes, we totally misinterpret a person’s actions and make the wrong assumptions. Do they really like us? Or is it an act?

Sometimes the signs others present are ignored, and we choose to believe our own thoughts. However, that’s why we’ve decided to develop a useful list of signs that will help a person to determine whether or not their crush is developing feelings.

10 Clear Signs She is Developing Feelings For you

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Women in particular, are hard to decipher. It’s true when they say men are from Venus and women are from Mars. The two genders have always experienced difficulty understanding each other. Especially in the beginning phases of a relationship. Oftentimes, actions and words don’t add up. Or lack thereof makes it difficult to know where a person stands.

So, pay attention to the following signs she is developing feelings for you to better recognize when a woman truly likes you.

Quality Time is a Top Priority

A woman who is developing feelings for you will desire quality time with you. As she becomes more comfortable with you, she will want to hang around you more and be in your presence. Whether it’s a date or spending quite time at home, she will want to see you.

As women become more attached to a person, they desire closeness. It’s part of who we are. Of course, some women desire more quality time than others, however the vast majority of women do prefer to spend time with the person they admire. If she doesn’t want to spend quality time, that may be a red flag she doesn’t have strong feelings for you.

Communication Frequency Increases When She Develops Feelings

As previously mentioned, when women become more emotionally attached to a person, they want them around more. This also applies to communication throughout the day. Whether it’s texting or occasional calls, she will reach out. She will not play games with you. She will initiate communication without hesitation. This will always be one of the more obvious signs she is developing feelings for you.

Schedule Rearranging Won’t Be a Problem

Pay close attention to this particular sign a woman is falling for you. As with most people, the woman you are interested in will probably have several important things to do throughout the week. She’ll likely have a job, several hobbies, or other random matters to tend to. However, if she is open to occasionally changing her schedule to spend more time with you or accommodate your schedule, you are definitely a top priority.

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A woman who is inflexible or unwilling to adjust her to do list to make time for you isn’t all that interested. She may in fact be selfish. Neither situation is preferable. But, pay attention the next time she is busy or already has previous plans. If it becomes a regular occurrence that she’ll never bend her schedule, she may not be the right person for you.

Lending a Helping Hand Will Be Easy

Women are naturally nurturers. Therefore, most women like to help out the people they care about the most. Of course, there will always be a few exceptions; not all women are the same. But most women like to help. So, pay attention to whether or not the person you are dating is willing to lend a helping hand when needed. Is she ready and willing? Or is she resistant? A woman who is willing to help will always be a keeper.

Introductions to Family and Friends Begin

Perhaps one of the clearest signs she is developing feelings for you is that she will begin to introduce you to her inner circle. If she feels you are worthy of having around, she will want her loved ones to meet you.

She’ll want them to know how much she likes you. She’ll also want them to know she sees a potential future with you. Most women don’t just bring anybody home to their families. If you are invited to meet her folks, you are definitely a winner.

Gift Giving Emerges as a Sign of Developing Feelings

The beginning stages of dating are perhaps one of the sweetest, most genuine phases of a relationship. Oftentimes, women will give thoughtful “thinking of you” gifts to the person they are dating. Whether it’s a sweet card, a gift card to your favorite restaurant, or a new book you’ve casually mentioned in conversation, she’ll be sure to spoil you every now and then.

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Of course, gifts aren’t everything. They also don’t have to be expensive or elaborate. A simple gesture or act of kindness suffices as well. She may also offer to run an errand for you. But a woman who is developing feelings for you will ensure you know it via her actions.

Emotionally Vulnerability Occurs

Women open up emotionally to people they care about. Once they become comfortable with you, they feel safe revealing how they feel. This doesn’t occur with everyone. Especially if she’s been hurt in the past.

But, if the woman you are dating feels safe enough to pour her heart out, she truly likes you. She trusts you. She is inviting you to learn more about where she is mentally and possibly about her past. Everyone has a past. If she is able to be 100% honest with you about her experiences in life, you mean a lot to her.

Becomes More Concerned with Your Well-Being

A woman who is increasingly concerned about your well-being is surely developing strong feelings for you. She may consistently ask about your day or how you’re feeling throughout the week. This is proof that she cares. She may even go out of her way to make sure all is well.

For example, if you’ve had a bad day at work, she’ll want to hear about it. She’ll likely also want to know how she can make your day better. A woman who shows concern is a woman worth keeping.

Social Media Posts Reflect Her Feelings

Social media is the official modern-day outlet for releasing emotions. Many people use social media as a means to express their feelings, current mood, or as a form of therapy. Oftentimes, in the beginning phases of a relationship, women will make posts online that reflect their feelings for you.

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So, pay attention. It may be a special quote, picture, or video that reflects her mood. Typically, many of these posts have a hidden meaning, but if you’re the person she is referring to, you’ll pick up on it.

Physical Touch Becomes More Frequent

Women are affectionate creatures. Some more than others. But many women enjoy being physical with the person they admire. However, being physical doesn’t always refer to something sexual. It could be something as simple as a hug, holding hands, or caressing your face.

A woman who shows physical affection is certainly developing feelings for you. In fact, they’ve probably already been there for a while.

Never Ignore the Signs She is Developing Feelings for You

Hopefully these 10 unmistakable signs she is developing feelings for you will assist you with determining whether or not your crush really likes you. If you pay attention, all the signs are always there. You just have to ensure you aren’t ignoring them. A woman who is interested will surely let you know.

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