15 Secret Ways to Say I Love You in a Text

If you’re searching for secret ways to say I love you in a text, you’ve arrived at the perfect place. Saying “I love you” is an important part of any relationship. Whether it’s in the beginning stages of a relationship or a more seasoned one, saying those special words confirm what a person feels inside.

So how does an individual effectively reveal those heartfelt words in a text message while remaining discreet? A little bit of creativity can go a long way. However, in order to ensure the message is not misconstrued, one must make sure it is concise, well written, and communicated in a way in which the reader will receive it properly.

Here are 15 Unique Secret Ways to Say I Love You in a Text

Yellow and red smiling emojis used as secrets ways to say I love you in a text


Perhaps one of the most effective secret ways to say I love you in a text is to simply send an emoji that accurately depicts your feelings. There are several emojis available that display messages of affection, but also still leave room for individual interpretation. Therefore, you can select an emoji that may leave more of an ambiguous meaning, rather than loudly saying you love a person.


GIFs are another creative way to say I love you in a text message. Unlike static pictures or emojis, GIFs display more personality and help to further present the intended message. Most devices can post GIFs directly from the chat screen for convenience. However, there are numerous websites that provide free GIFs for personal use. So, get creative and find your favorite Rom Com scene and send it to your boo. They’ll likely get the point.


Poetry is well known for being meaningful. Not only are they full of passion and expression, but they also do a wonderful job of presenting multiple interpretations. Therefore, if you are attempting to secretly say I love you in a text, a poem may be the perfect discreet way to do so. You can select a poem that is straightforward and to the point or chose one that leaves a bit of mystery.

Song lyric secret ways to say I love you in a text

Song Lyrics

Just as poetry leaves an emotional imprint, song lyrics do as well. Send your special person the lyrics of a song to cleverly tell them how you feel. It makes it easier to reveal feelings without having to say it yourself. There are a ton of songs about love and relationships available, so this should be one of the more popular secret ways to say I love you in a text.

YouTube Music Videos

Music videos have an indescribable way of pulling the viewer into the moment. If you’re desiring an added affect to your love revelation, send your mate a sweet music video that visually explains how you feel. Not only will song lyrics subtly reveal the message, the visuals will intensify it.

Voice Audio Messages

This method for professing your love may not be super discreet but spoken words can often have hidden meanings. So, if you’re brave and want to mysteriously verbalize a few sentences to secretly say “I love you” record a brief snippet and press send.

Rainbow skyline of a city and local river at night

Pictures of Meaningful Places

Typically, as couples progress in their relationships, certain places become increasingly significant. These locations can range from first date spots to the location of your first kiss and so on. So, perhaps if you are attempting to secretly say I love you in a text, send a picture of the place you first met along with a meaningful sentence or two.

Social Media Links

Social media is a resourceful tool for just about anything these days. Whether it’s a funny video or a meaningful Pinterest post, shared media can often be the best way to reveal how you feel. Especially when you’re looking for secret ways to say I love you in a text.

Plain text 

Sometimes keeping it simple is the best thing to do. However, you can still be discreet while doing so. Send your beau a few one liners about how much you appreciate them or how glad you are they’re in your life. All of these things express emotion without actually saying the words “I love you.”

An Article Link

Articles are a fantastic way to provide a detailed description of how one feels. There are a ton of articles available that discuss various topics on love and relationships. Just make sure the article doesn’t reveal too much or the wrong thing before you send it in a text. You don’t want to convey the wrong message.

Purple and pink neon sign reading I love you to the moon and back

Love Quotes

There’s an endless supply of famous love quotes available on the internet. Just simply type in the thoughts you are attempting to express and type “quotes” after it. For instance, if the goal is to reveal how much you secretly love a person by mentioning soul mates, type “soul mate quotes” in the search bar.

Create a Personal Post

If all else fails, you can create a unique post on a design platform and send it to your mate. Canva is a wonderful resource for creating designs from scratch. Brainstorm a few creative secret ways to say I love you in a text with a special message or create a fun scenario with the available picture media. Use your imagination.

Woman holding phone in the air with dollar sign message as one of the secret ways to say I love you in a text

Text a Meaningful Gift

We all know money isn’t everything. But a little bit can go a long way. Send your love interest a few dollars via Cashapp or Venmo for a special treat or to say “hey, lunch is on me today.” You could also easily send an Amazon gift card with a few dollars added. It doesn’t have to be much at all.

Spur of the Moment Reservations

Yep, that’s right. Schedule a last-minute date and text your love interest the time and location with a “meet me here” note. This technique typically works better for spontaneous couples. However, even if spontaneity isn’t common in one’s relationship, it may be time to spice things up a bit.

An Audio Song

Just like YouTube, there are other platforms available that provide music only links for users to share. Both Spotify and Pandora provide shareable links for every song in their database. So, think of a meaningful, relatable song to send and secretly say I love you in a text.

Hopefully you’ve discovered a few unique secret ways to say I love you in a text message. Telling a person you love them will always be a significant part of any relationship. Have fun with it, and good luck in discreetly revealing your emotions!

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