How to Stop Having Sex Before Marriage [15 Helpful Tips]

If you’re wondering how to stop having sex before marriage, we’ve got a ton of helpful tips to assist in your quest for abstinence. Refraining from sexual activity is not an easy task. It is especially challenging if you’ve already been sexually active for several years. But it’s possible. You simply must possess a strong desire and will to make the commitment to abstain. However, there are several things you’ll need to change in your life in order to make your sex-free journey a little easier.

How to Stop Having Sex Before Marriage 101

Many individuals make the decision to stop having sex before marriage but are unsuccessful in doing so. The most common reason for failure is because individuals fail to make the necessary changes required to redirect their life. They continue to live their lives as they did prior to making the vow of celibacy. They also make the mistake of failing to change their habits and surroundings. Hopefully the useful tips listed below will help to properly equip individuals who desire to stop having sex before marriage.

Surround Yourself with Supportive Individuals

Your innermost circle of friends are your biggest influencers. Therefore, it is very important to be mindful of the people you hang around the most. If your close circle of friends are all sexually active and unable to relate to individuals who refrain from sex, how will that affect you? Will they encourage you to have premarital sex because they see nothing wrong with it? Or will they support you on your journey?

In order to stop having sex before marriage it is very necessary to associate with individuals who understand your journey. That way you can support each other, share challenging experiences, and encourage each other to stay strong. Of course, I’m not implying that all your friends have to be abstinent. But it helps to have individuals in your corner who understand.

Pray for Strength and the Ability to Resist Temptation

White woman praying at table with eyes closed about how to stop having sex before marriage

Prayer is another very important tool in the no sex before marriage toolbox. For individuals who believe in a higher power, prayer is what makes miracles happen. It’s an essential part of being a believer in God. Therefore, it is vital to pray to the Lord above for help. It’ll be very hard, if not impossible to travel the journey of celibacy without God’s help. Pray to him for strength and the ability to resist temptation. You’ll need it.

Be Honest with Others Regarding Your Journey

Many abstinent individuals make the mistake of not informing the people they are romantically involved with that they are abstaining from sex. However, the sooner you reveal your journey, the better. That way your beau won’t expect sex or tempt you to have it. That is the great hope, of course.

Oftentimes, individuals are aware the person they are dating is abstinent, but they tempt them anyway. Hopefully you’ll be able to recognize these types of individuals early because they can easily derail you from achieving your goals of sexual abstinence.

Refrain from Dating Individuals Who Don’t Respect Boundaries

As previously mentioned, interacting with individuals who have no respect for your journey should be avoided. It’s in your best interest. Otherwise, you will be constantly faced with a tempting situation that’s hard to resist. Who wants to deal with the guilt associated with that? If a person is consistently showing you they don’t care about your boundaries, get rid of them.

Stay Away from Porn at all Costs

This should be a no brainer. However, it needs to be said. While watching porn is technically not the same thing as having sex, it’ll put you in the mindset to want it. After a while you’ll want the real thing. So, in order to decrease your mojo and desire to have sex, don’t watch porn. It’ll be tortuous and will likely eventually cause you to cave in.

Read Inspirational Books on How to Stop Having Sex Before Marriage

There are plenty of good books available that are written to support individuals who are practicing abstinence. Regularly feeding your mind with supportive content will encourage you on your journey and keep you lifted.

Avoid Compromising or Tempting Situations

This one is a big deal. Oftentimes we think we can handle being in a tempting situation without giving in, but most of the time we aren’t that strong. Even Jesus was tempted. Therefore, you aren’t immune. Avoid putting yourself in a predicament that’ll set the stage for sex.

For example, Netflix and chill night over your significant other’s house in the dark may not be a good idea. The environment may be conducive for the friskiness you’re trying to avoid. A set up basically. So, in order to prevent yourself from being tempted to slip up, refrain from placing yourself in compromising situations.

Start a Journal

White woman sitting on bed journaling about how to stop having sex before marriage

Journaling is a great way to release emotions and express your feelings. Sometimes writing down how you feel can help guide your decision making. It allows you to think about future choices and the things you’ll need to do to assist with achieving your goals. So, pick up a journal and write away.

Don’t Masturbate

This is another common sense piece of advice, but some individuals may still need to read it. Just as watching porn sets the stage for caving in, masturbation most certainly will push you into the wrong direction. If you’re wondering how to stop having sex before marriage successfully, don’t masturbate. Plain and simple.

Start a New Hobby

Hobbies are a great way to distract your mind from sexual temptation. If you don’t already have a hobby you regularly participate in, find one. Whether it’s working out, painting, or playing a recreational sport, get involved with an extracurricular activity. It’ll get your mind off sex more often and allow you to shift your focus elsewhere.

Listen to Encouraging Podcasts on How to Stop Having Sex Before Marriage

Podcasts are where it’s at. Many people regularly listen to podcasts for an encouraging word or as a means to relate to someone on a regular basis. People also typically listen to podcasts that inspire them to improve a particular area in their life. So, find a podcast that specifically supports no sex before marriage. There are plenty of them available. Search for one, save it, and become a follower.

Seek Support from a Therapist or Mental Health Professional

For individuals having an extremely difficult time abstaining from sex before marriage, a counselor or psychologist may be the best option. Especially for those individuals who may have a previous sex addiction. A professional may be able to help you better process your emotions and get to the core of why you feel the way you do.

Hang Out More with Friends

Group of women laughing outside in a flower field

As mentioned earlier, finding a supportive group of friends is vital. However, in addition, it may be wise to spend a considerable amount of time with your friends in order to avoid being alone. When a person is alone, the mind starts to wander. So, in order to decrease wandering thoughts, hang out with your friends more and regularly plan activities. It will help you a great deal.

Talk to a Pastor for Tips on How to Stop Having Sex Before Wedlock

For spiritual guidance and direction, speaking with a pastor or any other church official may be helpful. They’ll be able to pray for you and suggest helpful scriptures to keep you encouraged. The word of God is powerful and can provide fuel for the journey.

Meditate Regularly

Meditation is a very effective practice and can help individuals release tension and anxiety. Practicing abstinence is not an easy assignment. It can certainly be stressful at times. Therefore, meditating regularly can assist with removing some of the built-up tension associated with living a sex free life. Yes, tension. For many individuals, refraining from sex is tough. It’s no walk in the park. Therefore, meditation can help individuals center themselves, release frustrations, and stay focused.

How to Stop Having Sex Before Marriage Successfully

If you were wondering how to stop having sex before marriage prior to reading this article, hopefully you have received some helpful advice. Refraining from sex can be very challenging, but there are certainly ways to make the lifestyle easier to handle. So, keep the above suggestions in mind, and good luck on your journey!

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