How to Know If a Guy Likes You [10 Obvious Signs]

Navigating the world of dating can be incredibly challenging for the single woman. Mixed messages are often received, and it can be exceedingly difficult to determine whether the guy you’re dating is genuinely interested in seeking a relationship with you. If this is you, you are in the right place. We have all the answers here in our “How to Know If a Guy Likes You” mini guide.

How to Know If a Guy Likes You: 10 Super Clear Signs

1. He Opens Doors

Sounds clichéd, but it really isn’t. A gentleman will always ensure his lady is receiving the best treatment. After all, you deserve it right? You should never have to worry about walking through a doorway behind a man. He should always insist that you walk before him. If you are walking behind him, this is a particularly good representation of your relationship. You should be his number one priority, and you most definitely deserve to be placed first in his life. Not in reverse.

2. He Calls or Texts You Daily

Not only does he call or text you, but he frequently initiates the calls as well. You shouldn’t always be the one contacting him first. If he is really into you, he will initiate calls on several occasions because you’ll be on his mind quite often. Men are hunters. They like to pursue, not to be pursued. If he does in fact prefer for you to do all the initiation, then a severe problem exists. Now of course, there is absolutely nothing wrong with contacting your man, and asking him about his day. But he should be doing it as well. This is how to know if a guy likes you. Persistence.

3. He Plans Weekend Dates in Advance

A guy that is really into you will be excited about seeing you again. He will arrange and make future plans to spend time with you. You will be the highlight of his week, and the ultimate weekend prize. Yep, that’s right, a prize. You are a prize in his eyes, and he just can’t wait to see you!

4. He is Interested in Your Day

A man that genuinely cares for you will be genuinely concerned about how your day is going. He will want to know if his sweet lady is having a good day, or if she needs cheering up because her day isn’t going so well. Unfortunately, a guy who isn’t concerned about your day really isn’t genuinely concerned about you.

5. He Tells His Friends About You

Men know when they’ve found something truly special. Quite naturally, men enjoy bragging about the good things they have in their lives. If he plans to keep you around for a while, he’ll tell people about you because he wants them to know how impressive you are. This is a sure way how to know if a guy likes you.

6. He Offers to Bring You to Church or Ask to Visit Yours

This is particularly important. He obviously realizes the importance of having a solid spiritual foundation in a relationship. He wants to develop a Christ-centered bond with you and believes attending church together will be helpful for the relationship.

7. He Never Expects You to Pay

He never asks you to pay, nor does he expect you to “split” the bill. That’s just tacky. Splitting the bill is very tacky unless you’re in high school or college or struggling to survive. It is more appropriate for a woman to offer to occasionally pay for both meals, not just her own. However, if he is really into you, he will never assume you are paying the bill. If you decide to pay, it should be from your own will and desire to treat him. Treating him is always nice, especially if he knows how to treat his lady like a queen and never expects anything in return.

8. He Compliments You Often

He can’t help telling you what he is thinking! In his mind, you are a beauty queen, and he can’t stop reminding you of it. He will compliment you on your hair, your clothes, shoes, and maybe even your nail polish. He notices everything about you, adores you, and will continue to let you know it.

9. He Deeply Admires You

In his eyes you are a beautiful dove. This may sound weird, but you can actually tell if a man is into you by the way he looks at you. You may catch him staring at you when you aren’t paying attention, or when you are pre-occupied doing something else. Sometimes you may even catch him admiring your beauty as you sleep. You are precious in his eyes.

10. He Values Your Opinion

Even though he may not always agree with you, he still appreciates hearing your side of things. The way you view the world is especially important to him. He will never disregard your opinion as nonsense, and he won’t make you feel bad for believing in the things you believe in.

So, there you have it! Ten obvious ways how to know if a guy likes you. If the man you are dating displays most of the signs above, there is a good chance he adores you and wants to explore advancing the relationship.

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