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175+ Best Boston Date Night Ideas for Bored Couples

175+ Best Boston Date Night Spots for Bored Couples

If you’re looking for ways to switch up your regular Boston date night routine, look no further. We’ve got you covered. Date night should never be boring, and it definitely shouldn’t involve visiting the same places over and over again. Boston has so many wonderful things to do, you could literally pick a different date night spot every weekend.

Dinner and a movie is perhaps the most common date night combination. However, step outside the box a bit, and add some spice to your relationship with‘s all-inclusive list of popular date night spots.

Plan a Fun & Creative Activity

Food and spices on a table with a yellow background on a Boston date night

Activity dates are growing more and more in popularity with couples. Whether it’s a cooking class at Cozymeal or a paint and sip class at The Paint Bar, you’ll surely enjoy every bit of it. Not only are activity dates fun and interactive, but they also additionally allow you to see a different side of your mate. Perhaps, you’ll witness cooking skills you never knew existed or discover your beau is the next Picasso.

Check out our recommended list of activity dates in the Boston Area:

Amp up the Adrenaline with a New Adventure

Caucasian couple skydiving together

Thrill seekers and risk takers will love an action-packed date. What better way to spice up the relationship than to amp up the adrenaline? A good adventure never hurts anybody. Well, most of the time anyway. But if the sky is the limit, consider venturing off to the clouds and go skydiving. Boston and surrounding areas have several skydiving companies to choose from. The Boston Skydive Company is perhaps one of the most popular agencies in the region offering great views of the city as well as Cape Cod Bay.

If staying on solid ground is more your speed, check out K1 Speed for an awesome go karting experience. Race your lover on one of two tracks in a lawn mower powered electric kart or visit the video arcade and air hockey room.

Here’s a list of our favorite adrenaline junkie date night spots in Boston:

Go Bar Hopping on a Boston Date Night

Interracial couple smiling at each other in a bar on a Boston date night

Bar dates are always a good option. A little bit of good music, good food, and a satisfying alcoholic beverage may be all you need to get the night started off right. The environment is casual, and the atmosphere is inviting. Bars are also a great place for sports fans to watch their favorite team battle it out.

Brick & Mortar is perhaps one of the best bars in the region. In 2021, Boston Magazine selected Brick & Mortar as one of its favorite bars. Additionally, Time Out Boston chose them as one of the best cocktail bars in the region. So, if you’re searching for a promising date night at a great bar, Brick & Mortar is a great option.

There’s definitely no shortage of bars in Boston. Here’s a few others to check out:

Sip n’ Chat on a Cozy Coffee Date

Man and woman sitting at a table at a coffee shop on a Boston date night

Coffee dates are a no brainer for coffee lovers. Some of the best conversations occur over a cup of steaming hot java. Whether you’re newly in love or a seasoned couple, coffee dates never get old.

Express your love at Espresso Love and sip on your favorite hot drink with your honey. Cold drink options are also available. With two convenient locations in Boston and Martha’s Vineyard (Edgartown), a taste mocha passion is waiting for you.

Here’s a few other coffee spots for your next Boston date night:

Indulge in Sweets on a Dessert Shop Date

Colorful scoops of sorbet sitting in a champagne glass

Surely your honey is sweet, but a date night out at a delicious dessert shop is the icing on the cake. One can never get enough of sugary sweets and tasty treats, right? If you’re looking to satisfy your weekly craving for something delectable and mouthwatering, plan your next date night in Boston at a dessert shop.

It was a hard decision, but we love all of these places. Check out our favorite Boston dessert shops for couples:

Plan a Fast-Food Boston Date Night

French fries and a burger sitting on a table on a Boston date night

Fast food dates are underestimated. However, a night out with your significant other doesn’t always have to include dinner at an expensive four-star restaurant in the North End. It can be something as simple as a burger at the Shake Shack or a poke bowl at Yoki Express. The connection is more important than the date location; always remember that.

Most fast-food locations are well-known, so we’ll spare you from reading about the different types of salt sprinkled on various French fries.

Check out our list below of our recommended fast-food joints in the Boston area:

Bond & Sweat at the Local Gym

Interracial couple working out on a black yoga mat together on a Boston date night

There’s literally no excuse to ever miss a workout if you creatively combine spending time with your mate and hitting the gym. Experience the best of both worlds and burn calories with your partner. There are many fitness gyms and studios in the region that offer group drop-in classes or walk-ins. So, even if you and your beau workout in separate gyms, a one-day pass for your partner is typically always an option.

You can even venture off to a gym you’ve never visited before. Pure Barre offers a free foundations intro class for non-members. Yes, free! Who knows, if you enjoy it, you can sign up for an actual membership in the future.

Row Republic also offers drop-in classes for first timers. It isn’t free, but it’s still affordable. Experience rowing like you’ve never experienced it before in a strength training bootcamp-like setting. Rowing is one of the most effective cardiovascular workouts for burning fat and increasing lean muscle mass.

Here’s a list of our recommended fitness gyms in Boston:

Head to the Lake with Your Sweetie

African American couple sitting on a dock at a lake in the summer

Kick off your shoes and relax your feet on a lake date. The hustle and bustle of life can oftentimes cloud our minds and prevent us from enjoying simplicity. However, a quiet lake date may be all you need to set the mood. Lake dates are the ultimate quality time destination. No noise, no distractions, just the two of you.

Check out our suggestions for a few popular lakes in the Boston area. There’s really too many to name, however, here are the best ones for a sweet & quaint lake date:

Plan a Classic Movie Date

Young Asian couple at a movie theater holding popcorn on a Boston date night

If you’ve lived in Boston for any period of time, I’m sure you know where to catch a movie. However, for the purposes of this article, we’ll review them anyway. Movie dates will always be one of the most common date night spots for people of all ages. From teenagers to seniors, a good movie night never fails.

Below are the most popular movie theaters in the region. Each has more than one location:

Spend a Night at the Museum

White art sculpture in a museum full of people in the background

As one of the oldest municipalities in the nation, Boston has its fair share of museums. The city is well known for popular moments in history such as the Boston Tea Party, the Battle of Bunker Hill, and the Boston Massacre. Therefore, an evening or afternoon at the museum will surely be plenty of fun, educational, and an all-around enlightening experience.

The Museum of African American History highlights the history of African American life in America. The museum contains over 3000 historical items collected over the past century. Additionally, it showcases the early beginnings of slavery up until current times.

Explore other local museums such as the Museum of Science or The Institute of Contemporary Art and enjoy learning something new. One is never too old to gain understanding.

Check out these museums to explore on your next Boston date night:

Take a Walk in the Park

Man lifting woman off her feet in a city park

A good walk in the park never goes out of style. In a world where socially-distancing is now the standard, open air dates have become a popular option for many couples. It’s safe and germ transference is kept at a minimum.

The Public Garden is perhaps the most well-known green space in Boston. Interestingly, it was the first botanical garden in the United States. Enjoy a wonderful array of plants, a lagoon, and several monuments and fountains with your special person.

Here’s a list of popular parks in the greater Boston area and beyond:

Plan a Boston Date Night with Pizza

Blue neon pizza sign on a restaurant wall on a Boston date night

One can never go wrong with pizza! The greater Boston area is home to endless pizza joints. From New York Style pizza to kitchen originals, the city has it all. Plan your next date night at one of our recommended pizza locations below and have no regrets.

No matter which side of the city you reside, Blaze Pizza is likely a hop and a skip away. With three convenient locations in Boston and one each in Cambridge and Burlington, a fast fired pizza date is feasible and easy to schedule. Their freshly made dough is made in a 24-hour fermentation process to create their signature light, crispy crust. In addition, Blaze Pizza prepares fresh salads, homemade lemonade, and oven-fired desserts.

Stop by one these suggested pizza joints for your next Boston date night:

Make a Restaurant Reservation

Woman with short blonde hair smiling at a man while holding glass of wine

Restaurant dates are the most common date night spots scheduled by matchmakers. They take reservations, and typically accommodate blind dates well. They also offer a safe environment most people trust and appreciate.

The options for restaurant dates in Boston are vast, yet diverse. From local pizzerias to authentic Italian food, the city offers it all. So, if you’re looking to go the traditional route for date night with your boo, head out to one of the many highly rated restaurants in the area.

Here’s some of our favorite restaurants in the area (too many to name actually):

Plan a Romantic Rooftop Boston Date Night

Lighted string of lights on a rooftop

Breathtaking views of the Boston skyline never disappoint. With so many historical landmarks, rivers and bays, a dinner on a rooftop will surely be the highlight of the evening. Take your sweetie out for a night in the sky 20 stories high at one of the many local rooftop restaurants typically located atop a hotel.

The Lookout Rooftop & Bar located at the Envoy Hotel offers awesome views of the Boston Harbor. Along with eye catching views of the city, this venue also provides firepits & igloos in the colder months, house made craft cocktails, and wine.

Earl’s Kitchen & Bar is perhaps one of the most popular rooftops bars in the region. However not only do they have a beautiful rooftop, they also have a lounge, bar, and dining room to accommodate all guests. With over 14,000 sq ft, restaurant goers have plenty of space to soak up the good vibes and good times.

Check out one of the below rooftop venues for your next Boston date night:

Tour the Town as Tourists

Young couple sitting at a table exploring a map while drinking coffee

Last but not least, if all else fails and you still want to try something completely different, register for a tour of the city for your next date night in Boston. With such a rich history and endless stories to tell, Boston is a tour mecca. Regardless of whether or not you’re a newbie to the region, schedule a tour date with your partner and discover facts about the city you previously were unaware of. You’ll be surprised of the magic the city holds.

Take a peek at some of the city’s most popular tourist agencies:

Hopefully you’ve discovered something new and fun to do on your next Boston date night. Boston is bursting at the seams with different and exciting things to do. You’ll never have to worry about being bored again if you take our advice and diversify your dating life!

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